An installation where technology and nature came together

Hypar was an installation where technology and nature came together. There was an active atmosphere of sound and light around Hypar, perceivable for everyone around and inside the installation. The interaction modules on opposite sides were representing on one hand ‘technology’ and on the other hand ‘nature’. Once both collaborated seamlessly together, it was possible to create something magical by sending a powerful stream of energy. Hypar itself was created by precisely placing cubes in the challenging pattern of a hyperbolic paraboloid. Using the bulky cubes and the natural pattern, the contrast between ‘technology’ and ‘nature’ was delicately shown as the overarching principle. 

The installation was created by students from the Eindhoven University of Technology and visualized these initially conflicting elements. It emphasized the importance of collaboration, in order to achieve greater goals. 

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Hypar - GLOW 2019

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