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An interactive lighting sculpture with a modular approach.

In 2018, also for GLOW Eindhoven, the team created an installation for research purposes. This installation, Loop, tested the best working interactivity for future sculptures during the eight-day event. Visitors were able to control the speed of the light as well as the colors of the light with their movement. Several types of interaction were tested during the event and analyzed afterwards. With this information a new interaction for Hypar was designed. 

Loop - GLOW 2018

Project Gallery

Made By: Milou Weerts, Sietse de Vries, Yvonne van Hamersveld, Amy Hendriks, Gijs Ebbers, Hugo Huibers, Willem Schaeffers, Mihnea Calota, Joris Lodewijks, Gino Althof, Dominika Kopiarova, Olivier van Duuren, Thijs de Koning, Leonardo Gerritse, Douwe Terpstra, Jelle Versteege, Willem van der Loo, Cyril Mengin, Niels Dusseldorp, Anne Hopstaken

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