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An innovative approach for managing crowd flows.

Paper airplanes. We’ve all made them. These ‘Paper Trails’, from the talented group Wayfinders – part of the student team IGNITE – move naturally with you. From one light artwork to the next. You can see them up at the top of lampposts, high above the pavement and right in front of you in the street. They convey a nostalgia and playfulness that is reminiscent of children playing in the street. Without usual directions such as arrows and signs, they manage to find a magical and effective way to guide visitors through the route. And all this without obscuring the streetscape. ‘Visitors don’t even realise they are following the Paper Trails, but without this signing, they would easily get lost’, explains Wayfinders. ‘An airplane is a symbol for bringing people to where they want to be. They always carry you further.

’Last year, in 2021, the Wayfinders brought a path full of luminescent mushrooms to GLOW. You may remember them. The mushrooms formed an interactive system. Visitors activated a mushroom, so that it started to glow and spread its spores to the next mushroom. This caused a chain reaction all over the Tu/e campus. With this concept, they won the Crowe Talent Awards. This year the LED strips from mushrooms will be reused and the team will provide sustainable recycled greencast plexiglass.

Paper Trails - GLOW 2022

Project Gallery

Made By: Tom van Teeffelen, Tessa de Meer, Ilana van den Akkerveken, Olivier Blom, Ian Bezemer, Martijn de Kok, Gijs Neerhof

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