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Experiencing the power of Eindhoven, the city of light.

Just imagine! A floating light bulb in the air with extraordinary proportions. With a giant plug and cable. Where does the light bulb get its power from? The answer is: you! Visitors to GLOW can operate the pins of the plug and thus become the energy source for the light bulb themselves. The filament that lights up is not what you would expect. The wires have been replaced by the three ‘vibes’ that characterize the city logo of Eindhoven.

The piece needs interaction and people to bring it to life. Just like the city itself and the light festival GLOW that need people to sparkle. That’s why we encourage you to join in and take part by interacting with the installation. With friends, family or even someone you don’t know. Without you, the city would not be the same. Feel the energy you give to Eindhoven! The designers faced a technical challenge with this project. In order to fully integrate the floating plug into the design, the use of a counterweight was not possible and the diameter of the cable also became a limiting factor. The solution was found in a ground anchor design. With a heavy profile of extra hardened and hot-worked steel, the strength calculations are met without compromising the first design.

Unplugged has been made specially for GLOW. Although the idea for the work already existed before the theme of Urban Skin had been announced, it actually fits perfectly. According to the designers, the Urban Skin of Eindhoven consists of the people who live there, work there, study there or otherwise feel a connection with the city. The installation aims to connect this relationship between city and people.

Unplugged - GLOW 2022

Project Gallery

Made By: Hein van Dal, Anke Staal, Jarrit Verhoek, Maaike Timmers, Yulin Su, Jesper Kapteijns

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