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LED light clusters


meter diameter


kg inner construction

In bustling Eindhoven, a colossal alien sphere has descended, mesmerizing with radiant light and melodies. Measuring three and a half meters in diameter and weighing 500kg in construction, the enigmatic sphere invites visitors to uncover its secrets and participate in an otherworldly interactive experience. With connectivity being one of the team’s core values, GLOWBLE aims to connect people with and through technology. It shows how technology can facilitate connections between people. The sphere, rooted in the Eindhoven landscape, responds with anthropomorphized light and sound design that become more intense as visitor interaction deepens.

This dynamic interaction between humans and technology is made possible through the use of acoustic cameras from the Eindhoven-based company Sorama, which visualize sound and its behavior. This data is then transformed by the team into luminous animations of sound intensity and position that can be seen on 1,200 LED spots incorporated into the inflated sphere. All with the aim of reflecting on the boundaries between interaction and obsession with the digital world and our role in this ever-connected society.

"We visualize the behavior of sound to encourage interaction"
BvOF GLOW2023_12 GLOWBLE 01 HR.jpg
GLOW 2023
1200 reused LED light clusters, originally from light artwork AnTUenna, located on the chimney stack of the TU Eindhoven campus.
© ILI, Bart van Overbeeke
© Vera Scheve (@verasperspective)
© Vera Scheve (@verasperspective)
"Digitalization can contribute to more remote interaction. We want to use technology in a different way, namely to bring people together"
Location: Anne Frank Plantsoen

Project Members

Delmar Muilenberg, Tim van Lijssel, Sindy Liu, Ian Bezemer, Teun van Roosmalen, Gert Jan Rens

Realization Partners

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