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Are you up to the challenge to co-create societal impact through light with us? Hesitate no longer to join the team! Do you prefer a board team position or rather a hands-on experience in one of our project teams? Explore the vacancies below or plan a coffee date with us to discover the right fit for you to explore your interests and develop your desired skills.  

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Are you looking for a challenge? Join our business cluster and improve your networking an negotiation skills. You will get in contact companies for partnerships, visit companies, and present at fairs while developing your business and marketing skills. 

Makers & Engineers 

Are you a maker or do you just simply want to improve your hands-on and/or technical skills? Join a project team and show off your project in the next GLOW edition. You can work on the technical and electrical part of the project to make the idea reality. So if you are interested in developing your electrical skills or if you simply want to build your portfolio with a cool project, join us and co-create together! 

Board #2

While Team IGNITE Board #1 (2022-2023) still is working hard on this year's projects, we are already looking for our successors! Do you want to boost your management skills next school year? We are looking for full-time and part-time board members to bring the team's achievements to the next level.

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Do you have any questions about the team or are you interested in joining IGNITE but do not yet know what position fits you best? Fill in the form below to schedule a coffee date with one of our team members! In this meeting, you may ask all your burning questions and chitchat with our team. You may also mail general questions to

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