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Events Manager

Funciton Description

As Events Manager, you will be responsible for all events that Team IGNITE participates in and organizes. These can be different events, from a booth at an external party to organizing our Team IGNITE partner event. You make the script and are responsible for the road to the event and everything that happens around it. You do everything to increase exposure in the Eindhoven region and beyond. For this, you are in contact with various external parties and easily build up a network. One of the most important qualities you need to have is that you can keep an overview of different processes and people, and can take responsibility. The Event Manager is part of Team IGNITE’s business team.

As an Event Manager, you should have the ambition to organize spectacular events,
as well as communicating and managing our expectations of different external event parties. You are an essential role right on the edge of the business and project teams, creating cool memories for the whole team.


SEPT 2023 - JUN 2024

Skills (to learn or further develop):

Maarten van den Elshout (Board 2022-2023)

"As the event manager you can develop your planning skills and you get the opportunity to broaden your network by representing the team on external events."

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