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BvOF GLOW2023_12 GLOWBLE 01 HR.jpg
An interactive audiovisual experience to reflect on the boundaries between interaction with the digital world and our role in this ever-connected society.


BvOF 2023_1110_BOZ - GLOW Eindhoven - Paper Trails - Team IGNITE .jpg
An innovative approach to crowd flow management, while conveying a nostalgia that is reminiscent of children playing in the street.

2022     2023

BvOF GLOW2022_22 Unplugged 14 HR.jpg
Let’s spark Eindhoven’s energy together! Unplugged visualized the relationship between the Eindhoven city and its people: the Urban Skin.


BvOF GLOW2022_31 A Students Heart 01 HR.jpg
Did you spot the students? As the beating heart of Eindhoven, Team IGNITE has put the students of Eindhoven in the spotlight in collaboration with student association SSRE.


Bringing people together in times of a COVID-lockdown, by using interactive light beams to trigger dance.


Hypar on GLOW 2019.jpg
Interact with Hypar to send light and sound to its aura and make it come alive, an immersive experience during GLOW 2019.


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