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GLOW Visitors

Imagine a floating light bulb in the sky of extraordinary proportion, with a giant plug and cable. Where does the light bulb get its power? The answer is: from you! Visitors of GLOW could use the plug’s pins to form the bulb’s own energy source. The work needs interaction and cooperation from people to come to life. Just like the city and light festival GLOW, need people to shine. That’s why we like to invite you to collaborate and interact with the installation. With friends, family or with someone you don’t know at all. Without you the city would not be the way it is; feel the energy you give to Eindhoven or your own hometown.


The overall height of the light bulb is 320 centimeters and 120 centimeters wide. The circular spiral “wire” on the ground makes the installation nearly 5 meters wide. The logo in the light bulb consists of three stripes, the ‘vibes’ of Eindhoven. Unplugged was made especially for GLOW. Although the idea for the artwork arose before the announcement of the theme Urban Skin, it fits perfectly. After all, according to the designers, Eindhoven’s urban skin consists of the people who live, work, study or otherwise feel connected to the city. The installation emphasizes the relationship between the city

"Let us light up Eindhoven together"
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BvOF GLOW2022_22 Unplugged 14 HR.jpg
GLOW 2022
With a heavy profile of extra-hardened and hot-machined steel, strength calculations are met without concessions to the initial design.
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© ILI, Bart van Overbeeke
Location: Anne Frank Plantsoen
Unplugged at Innovation Space
Unplugged is now permanently placed in Innovation Space

Project Members

Hein van Dal, Anke Staal, Maaike Timmers, Jesper Kapteijns, Yulin Su, Jarrit Verhoek

Realization Partners

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