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Parabolic Arches 


GLOW Visitors

Hypar consists of carefully placed, aluminium cubes that together form a hyperbolic paraboloid. In an organic pattern, these show the contrast between "nature" and "technology": two contradictory elements. Walk around the installation and feel the active atmosphere filled with light and sound.


The audience is challenged to make the interactive modules, representing "nature" and technology, work seamlessly together. This creates a strong energy flow that magically brings the installation to life. Hypar emphasizes the importance of working together to create a greater whole.

"Interact with Hypar to send light and sound to its aura and make it come alive"
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GLOW 2019
The cubes are prefabricated in half arcs before being attached to each other on location.
© Bart van Overbeeke
Location: Markt, Eindhoven Centre

The Making Off

Project Members

Milou Weerts, Niels Dusseldorp, Leo Gerritse, Yvonne van Hamersveld, Amy Hendriks, Willem Schaeffers, Thijs de Koning, Gijs Ebbers, Dominika Kopiarova, Sietse de Vries, Willem van de Loo, Olivier van Duuren

Realization Partners

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