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Hand Manually Bend Wings


GLOW Visitors

Paper airplanes, who hasn’t made them? These Paper Trails move naturally with you from one artwork to another. You will find them atop lampposts, high along the sidewalk and floating in front of you in the street. It brings with it a nostalgia and playfulness only seen in children playing in the streets. Without the usual cues such as arrows and signs, they manage to find a magical and effective way to guide visitors through the route. And they do so without obscuring the street scene. ‘Visitors don’t realize that they are following the Paper Trails, but without this signing they might still get lost’, says the team. ‘An airplane symbolizes bringing people to popular locations. It always takes you further.’


Last year, in 2021, the team brought a pathway full of luminous interactive mushrooms to GLOW. They won the Crowe Talent Award with this concept. This year the LED strips of the mushrooms will be reused and the team will provide a sustainable recycled greencast plexiglass.

"Guiding your way through GLOW"
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GLOW 2022
© Bart van Overbeeke
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Location: Waagstraat, Eindhoven

Project Members

Tom van Teeffelen, Ian Bezemer, Olivier Blom, Tessa de Meer, Martijn de Kok, Ilana van den Akkerveken, Gijs Neerhof

Realization Partners

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