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Financial Manager

Function Description

As Financial Manager, you will be responsible for all financial matters of the team and ensure that the progress of the projects is as efficient as possible. When making financial decisions within the team, you will always play an important role and will have to consult to see which choices will benefit the team the most. In addition to the financial decisions, the financial records must be kept correctly. Accounting is therefore part of your role. It does not matter if you do not yet have experience with this, there is plenty of opportunity to discover this. The Financial Manager is part of Team IGNITE’s management team.

Ultimately, the most important aspect of your role is to maintain an overview of the entire team’s finances.
You are a central figure between the management team, business team, communication team, and all the
project teams.


FEB 2023 - DEC 2024

Skills (to learn or further develop)

Ivy van Dongen (Financial Manager 2023 - 2024)

“As Financial Manager I have been able to learn the basics of finance and how to apply them. I have experienced how to make well structured and argumented financial decisions and how to explain those to others, while influential factors are always changing. I know this will benefit me in both my personal and professional life when making decisions regarding financial matters and setting up budgets.”

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