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Technical Manager

Function Description

The technical manager oversees the development and implementation of the projects undertaken by the team. By taking into account (design) trends, customer needs, project-team needs, and technical needs they keep track of the end goal as well as ensure streamlined projects and high-quality final results. Additionally, the technical manager ensures quality by implementing standards and processes in collaboration with the board. The technical manager also ensures all teams follow the guidelines set by the board and make sure deadlines are met. You are THE connection between project teams and the board and will be in regular contact with companies.

Your main priorities are:
- Close contact with project managers
- Project managers meetings
- Contact person for project related questions
- Get an idea of teams concepts, technical challenges, needs, asks, etc.
- Connect with and attend meetings with partners on technical level
- Responsible for quality of projects
- Knowledge sharing across all project teams
- Ensure the teams can access the necessary tools and materials
- Technical strategy
- Technical policy making (in collaboration with the board)
- Vision of the technical process


DEC 2023 - JUN 2024

Skills (to learn or further develop)

Olivier Blom (Technical Manager 2023)

"As the technical manager you are able to talk to many interesting manufacturing companies. Besides that you are working closely with the project teams and help them where needed, which makes it a very versatile job, while developing your technical knowledge"

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