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Internal Manager

Function Description

As Internal Manager, you will be responsible for internal events within Team IGNITEYou are the first contact point when recruiting new team members. You analyze what their needs and skills are and allocate them to the best place in the team for them! You are the confidential person on the team, people can always talk to you about their professional or personal issues. You will make sure that everybody meets their potential by focusing on the personal development of people within our team. You are responsible for the fun team evenings every Wednesday. During these evenings team updates take place, we eat dinner together and the team enjoys fun activities. As Internal Manager, you organize the team weekend and a big party at the end of the year!

The Internal Manager is part of Team IGNITE’s management team.


SEPT 2023 - JUN 2024

Skills (to learn or further develop):

Puck Verbeek (Board 2022-2023)

"What I like about being the Internal Manager is that you can both develop your personal and professional communication skills and being in close contact with all the team members."

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