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Project Engineer

Function Description

As an engineer in a project you work in a diverse project team that is working towards GLOW or an other event/location. You will be an important part of the team to make sure that the concept is feasible and realistic to build technically. With your team you will be working on going from concept to final product. This means that you can be involved in making technical drawings, 3D models, research electronics, solder and look into software. You have the chance to develop a unique project which you can show on your Linked In. Your role in the team can be very diverse, and can include many different taks. This means that you can learn something new or bring the skills you have to a higher level. Your hard work will result in a high quality project to present at light festival(s), music festivals and/or events.


FEB 2024 - NOV 2024

Skills (to learn or further develop)

Gijs Neerhof (Wayfinding Project 2022-2023)

"I have been working on the communication system that synchronizes all airplanes, which will be guiding the GLOW visitors along the route at GLOW 2023. Next to that I’m developing and testing our very own PCB’s to improve the prototypes. If everything is successful, my work should be the invisible part of your GLOW experience"

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