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Communication Team Member

Function Description

As a member of the communication team member, you can be responsible for many different tasks like keeping the website up to date, creating newsletters, designing and arranging the team clothing, contacting photographers & videographers, graphic design work and any other tasks that don’t fall within the above- described functions. You work closely with the whole team to make
sure everything can be arranged well. For example, you work with the business team
to know which partners need to be on the team clothing. You are working on many different tasks, and you are up-to-date on the different parts of the team. You are able to work with lots of different people in the team. But also get in touch with other creatives like photographers, videographers, and people with experience in the field of communication.


SEPT 2023 - JUN 2024

Skills (to learn or further develop)

Emma Eisma (Communication Manager 2022 - 2023)

"As a part of the communication team you are able to learn many different skills like building a website, but you are also able to work with many different people from the team which makes it a fun experience"

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