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Finance Team

Function Description

As part of the Finance Team, you will support the Financial Manager in
making sure the financial records are kept correctly. Accounting is
therefore the main part of your role. It does not matter if you do not yet
have experience with this, there is plenty of opportunity to discover this.
Next to that, together with the Financial Manager, you will keep the
overview of the entire team’s finances and make the most beneficial
decisions to find the balance between keeping the team financially
healthy and making sure that the project teams can acquire everything
they need to maximize the quality of their installations.


FEB 2023 - DEC 2024

Skills (to learn or further develop)

Ivy van Dongen (Financial Team Member 2023 - 2024)

“I have been able to learn the basics of finance and how to apply them. I
have experienced how to do accounting the correct way in a real-life
context, what kind of challenges come along with that and how to
overcome those.”

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