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As Team IGNITE, the first Art & Tech student team in the Netherlands, we focus on displaying the potential of light for societal impact.

This is achieved through the multidisciplinary efforts of students from the Eindhoven University of Technology, Fontys, Avans and the Design Academy. This student community consists of a management team, multiple design projects, forming an ecosystem of students interested in lighting in which knowledge is shared and ideas are co-created with and in assignment of stakeholders from the BrainPort area (and beyond). As a result, a safe environment is created where community members can explore and improve their technical, design, and management skills. 

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Our mission is to create an active and engaging student light community, which collaborates with stakeholders from the Brainport area (and beyond).  We want to show the potential of light and the influence that it has on human behavior, by working on a diverse range of light projects that aim to redesign the environment using light. We combine light, tech and design in light installations, with the purpose of bringing people together.


Student team IGNITE is a team of students that fully focus on light and its social impact. Our ambitions are to show the world the potential of light and to show how light influences our lives.



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After a kick-start in 2018 through the development of IGNITE’s first installation for GLOW Eindhoven, a foundation was formed to iterate on in the future. As a result, a range of new GLOW projects has been developed with success up until 2022. From evoking an interactive experience while social distancing in pandemic times by dancing with light, to navigating GLOW visitors in an innovative manner. Down below an overview is given of all projects so far. To broaden IGNITE’s impact, we are now busy exploring additional application areas for light design, leading to wonderful new projects and increased societal relevance. 

Paper Trails


GLOW Eindhoven 2022


Did we spark your interest? Are you up to the challenge to co-create societal impact through light with us? Hesitate no longer to join the team as a student and discover together the right fit for you to explore your interests and develop your skills. Would you like to collaborate with us as an external party? Let’s discuss potential partnerships together by contacting us! 

Let's co-create light art together!

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