We are IGNITE, a student team from Eindhoven University of Technology. With 21 students of the faculties Industrial Design and Built Environment, we are going to create an interactive lighting installation for GLOW Eindhoven 2019. We believe that the future of human work skills is a cross-cultural collaboration by people with different backgrounds and expertise areas. This triggered the establishment of IGNITE, which embraces and combines the different expertise areas of the students to create a strong light installation for GLOW.


For GLOW 2019, we combined our strengths again and created Hypar: a challenging shaped sculpture in the shape of a hyperbolic paraboloid, introduced by architect Heinrich Engel in 1967. This interesting installation has a focus on the visitor-sculpture interaction, something that is quite unique at light festivals. Hypar connects individuals with different backgrounds, cultures and expertise areas and lets everyone be a part of the creation of the highlight of the installation: a beautiful light show.


In 2018, also for GLOW Eindhoven, the team created an installation for research purposes. This installation, Loop, tested the best working interactivity for future sculptures during the eight day event. Visitors were able to control the speed of the light as well as the colours of the light with their movement. Several types of interaction were tested during the event and analysed afterwards. With this information a new interaction for Hypar will be designed.


The modular system, especially designed by our team, is an important aspect throughout all of the light installations. The cubes can be transformed into numerous shapes, which makes each installation for every event unique and personalized. Next to the installation for GLOW, the team also created sculptures for TEDxEindhoven and Conduct (music festival). Feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities for your event!


Curious about our projects or interested in working together? Contact us to get more information!